Betaface API subscription plans

  • Free *
    0 € / month
    No registration required. 50 IMAGE / day
  • Freemium
    0 € / month
    500 IMAGE / day, 0.035 EUR each extra IMAGE
  • Basic
    199 € / month
    40000 IMAGE / month, 0.025 € each extra IMAGE
  • Premium
    399 € / month
    100000 IMAGE / month, 0.02 € each extra IMAGE
  • Ultra
    1299 € / month
    300000 IMAGE / month, 0.015 € each extra IMAGE

If you like to subscribe to one of the paid plans Contact us with plan you have selected and your details for invoices (full address, company name and VAT ID, or address and name of private person). We will send you your personal API key. Prices do not include VAT. If you are outside the EU or have EU company VAT ID we won’t charge you VAT.

* FREE subscription plan access: API key: d45fd466-51e2-4701-8da8-04351c872236 API V1 secret: 171e8465-f548-401d-b63b-caf0dc28df5f

Calling API from multiple IP addresses, calls from front-end (user IP) or embedding of Betaface demo pages is prohibited.

IMAGE: Each new image processed via UploadImage, UploadNewImage_File or UploadNewImage_Url functions.

  • uploading the same image with different detection_flags counts as IMAGE.
  • uploading the same image with the same set of detection_flags while previous processing results are still in cache does not count as IMAGE.
  • no restrictions on Recognize, GetRecognizeInfo or GetImageInfo requests; no restrictions on number of namespaces or their size

You must include attribution in your website, project or app.

Here is pre-formatted HTML snippet which you can place on your application’s page(s). To comply with the terms of use, you need to display text attribution on your web site or client application if data services are used.

HTML Snippet

Copy the following code into your web page or client application:

<!-- Begin Attribution Snippet --> <a href="" onclick="__gaTracker('send', 'event', 'outbound-article', '', 'Face Recognition by');" title="Face Recognition by">Face Recognition by</a> <!-- End Attribution Snippet -->

This code results in a link like this:

Face Recognition by

Please place attribution near results or actions supported by the service. However, please do not use attribution to suggest is responsible for your web site’s content or service.